Time Speaker/Session
07:00 AM Symposium Opens – Breakfast & Refreshments in Exhibition Hall
Opening Remarks & Housekeeping Details
08:45 AM Symposium Welcome:- Raj Rajur, CreaGen Inc., Chair, Med. Chem. NESACS
A Word from Our Host - Alkermes
Morning Session Chair: Brian Aquila (Alkermes)
09:00 AM Jared Lopes, Alkermes
Title: Nemvaleukin Alfa, a Novel Engineered IL-2 Cytokine For Selective Activation of Effector Lymphocytes
10:00 AM M. Christina White, University of Illinois
Title: C—H Oxidations for Late-Stage Functionalizations
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM Networking break & Exhibition with refreshments & food
11:30 AM Keynote Presentation: Bernard Feringa, Nobel Laureate, University of Groningen
Title: Dynamic Molecular Systems: From Switches to Motors
12:30 PM - 01:30 PM Boxed Lunch Break
Afternoon Session Chair: Scott Edmondson (Nimbus)
01:30 PM Scott Miller, Yale University
Title: Searching for Selective Catalytic Reactions in Complex Molecular Environments
02:30 PM Silvana Leit, Nimbus Therapeutics
Title: Pre-clinical and clinical evaluation of NDI-034858, A highly potent and selective TYK2-JH2 inhibitor for the treatment of autoimmune diseases through structure-based drug design
03:30 PM - 04:00 PM Networking break & Exhibition with refreshments & food
04:00 PM
Melissa Vasbinder, Ribon Therapeutics
Title: Discovery of a First-in-Class PARP7 Inhibitor RBN-2397 Targeting a Newly Discovered Cancer Vulnerability in Stress-Signaling Pathways
Social Event & Networking
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM Close of Science Session & Opening of Social Event – Raffle, Refreshments & Food

Registration Link: https://nemedchem.org/conference/

For additional details, please contact any of the Organizing Committee:
Raj Rajur (rrajur@creagenbio.com); Mark Ashwell (mashwellmail@gmail.com); Dan Elbaum (ddelbaum@msn.com) ; Blaise Lippa ((Blaise.Lippa@morphictx.com); Andrew Scholte (Andrew.Scholte@sanofi.com); Adrian Hobson (adrian.hobson@abbvie.com); Paul Greenspan(Paul.Greenspan@takeda.com); Brian Aquila ((Brian.Aquila@alkermes.com); Scott Edmondson (scott.edmondson@nimbustx.com); Mala Gopalsamy (ariamala.gopalsamy@astrazeneca.com); Lisa Marcaurelle (lisa.a.marcaurelle@gsk.com); Kap-Sun Yeung (kapsun.yeung@bms.com); Sara Buhrlage (saraj_buhrlage@dfci.harvard.edu)


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